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Elders say that our world is a fruit of the sacred uluk tree. And you are the leaders of hunter-gatherer tribes, competing for resources, erecting monuments in honor of the old gods, and striving to ensure happiness to your tribe members.

The game spans 6 rounds during which the players take turns sending their workers to various locations on the boards to perform actions. Locations on the main board provide resources and points, while locations on tribe boards are devoted to processing raw resources into food. Then the players spend food on feeding their workers and celebrate holidays, which ensures happiness points.

The unique mechanism in the game is ecology, determining the availability of resources. Before the end of each round, the players adjust Harvest markers on respective tracks. The more resources of a given type have been harvested this round, the fewer of them will be available in the next one. However, they also influence one another, while the old gods of the land have their say in this aspect too.
Box contains:

  • main board
  • 4 tribe boards
  • 4 alternative Harvest track tiles
  • 36 triber pawns in four colors
  • 6 yellow wooden Harvest markers
  • 60 yellow cardboard resource tokens
  • 12 Hunger tokens
  • 10 Poison tokens
  • 6 Monument tokens
  • 6 cardboard Monuments in plastic stands
  • 4 Happiness markers
  • First Player marker
  • 30 Invention cards
  • 4 Feast cards
  • 20 solo mode cards

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