Uluk – Ancestral Spirits



The stars are right again, and your ancestors speak to you through signs and visions. Will you answer?

Since the beginning, we have lived in harmony with the Ancestral Spirits. Every triber knows that when they die, they will go to feast in the roots of the Great Uluk Tree, but what not everybody is aware of is that they can communicate with their living relatives when the stars are right, and guide them with their knowledge and experience towards a better tomorrow. A wise Archleader will certainly make use of such knowledge. Will you?

The Ancestral Spirits expansion increases the level of player interaction and tactics in Uluk by introducing two new types of cards: Mystical Vision and Ancestral Wisdom. Mystical Vision cards provide special one-time bonuses and an ability to change the game environment for your benefit or demise of your opponents. Ancestral Wisdom cards are secret objectives that let you score extra Happiness Points whenever fulfilled during the game.

This is not a standalone product. You need a copy of the base game to play.

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