Uluk – Wrath of the Gods



Build monuments of the Old Gods to win their favor. Be prepared for their anger if you fail.

What does the smoke coming from the top of the Holy Mountain mean? Do these birds always fly so low? And why does uluk look so pale this season? Solve the mystery of divine whims and judgements, appease the gods to get your village blessed, or live in constant fear of their impending wrath!

Wrath of the Gods makes the game of Uluk more unpredictable by making use of new decks of cards: Wrath and Blessing, related to the Monuments of the gods from the core game. Blessings (rewards for building Monuments) can increase Harvest and provide you with extra resources, while Wrath cards (punishments for unbuilt Monuments) make it harder to feed tribers, hunt and gather resources.

This is not a standalone product. You need a copy of the base game to play.

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