Star Scrappers: Orbital



The international space industry is beginning to grow again after the Hy’Dran Wars! To encourage the development, global funds are awarding prizes to corporations that are outstanding in different areas. As the owner of one of these corporations, you compete to build the biggest, best, and most beautiful space station the worlds have ever seen…

Star Scrappers: Orbital is an engine-building, worker placement card game for 1-5 players. Originally designed by Jacob Fryxelius, the creator of the great Terraforming Mars, it got set in the Star Scrappers universe – a rich space western world invented and developed by Hexy Studio.

The game spans 5 years (rounds), marked on the Year card by the Year marker. Each player builds their own space station (orbital), starting with a core module. During the game, they take turns to perform one action each: build modules to expand their orbitals, play event cards, make repairs, buy cards from the market, and operate their modules. When everyone has passed consecutively (usually because they run out of cards or money), the year ends and Victory Points (VPs) are awarded to the players with the most non-damaged modules in each color. Then each player gets new crew, money, cards, and starts the next year.


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