Star Scrappers: Cave-in



Cave-in is a game for 2 up to 4 players, where you play the role of Trade Guild representatives who compete in difficult, merciless industry – mining. In the far future, countless alien species explore the Galaxy in search of fortune and fame. Last interstellar war ended over fifty years ago and since then peace treaties are in power. Trade routes are set, civilizations flourish and new source of power is discovered – Xendryd crystals. On the moon Corundum of planet Cyrkon Prime, space nations arrive to influence history once again… Your task is the excavation of Xendryd crystals. In order to overcome your competition, you will have to recruit alien mercenaries, use their skills, and collect precious artefacts. You’ll need to have your eyes in the back of your head because your competition is only waiting for a chance to buy off your trusted men and steal the bounty from under your nose.

Can you lead your man and use them to achieve your goals? Wealth and glory awaits in the galaxy of endless adventure!

Box contains:

  • 60 crystal tiles
  • 52 mercenary cards
  • 12 artifact cards
  • 4 faction cards
  • 1 Cave-in token
  • 4 faction tokens
  • 1 mine board

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