Test, present, play… online!

Tabletop Simulator is a platform that allows gamers to play and create tabletop games in a multiplayer physics sandbox. Numerous players use it both to test their own designs and to enjoy the official digital versions of the best board games available on the market. With our help, you can have your game on it too!

Tabletop Simulator

Tabletop Simulator has become a popular and powerful tool. It allows you to playtest prototypes, but also to promote your upcoming or already released projects. Especially during the pandemic, when demoing games at fairs, conventions and local clubs is impossible, TTS provides an experience as close to the real one as possible.

Reach everyone

To realize the potential of TTS, imagine you can easily reach thousands of players across the world, including experienced gamers and even game designers willing to give feedback on the prototype you’re currently working on. Sounds quite good, right?
Just let the players know that you’re planning to test your prototype, and you’ll be able to run a proper playtesting session without leaving your home or office. You can record it, which will let you analyze your project in detail later. Many professional publishers utilize these features, why shouldn’t you too?


If you are planning a Kickstarter campaign, be prepared that sooner or later backers will ask for a chance to at least read the rulebook, but some will also want to actually play the game before deciding to commit. It’s not something unusual, more and more campaigns are offering such a possibility, and backers are getting accustomed to it. Thanks to TTS, you can jump ahead and let them check your project before they ask to!

What about the cost?

Describe your game briefly, send us the component list and the rulebook, and tell us if this is still a work-in-progress prototype or the final version which you want to open to a wide audience.

Our services for TTS

Scripting & programming

Tabletop Simulator is a sandbox environment, in which you can script elements to exactly determine how they will behave on the screen. Or in this case, we can do it for you!

3D model optimization

As beautiful as the miniatures in your game can be, not all 3D models are suited for TTS. Our team of 3D design experts will optimize your minis to work well and look good on the screen.

Custom components

Your game’s still a rough prototype, but you want beautiful components for its digital version? We can design them from scratch. Deluxe version of an already existing game? No problem either!


The final step in the creation of a TTS version of your game is setting it up on the platform. Don’t worry if you don’t know how to do it - we’ll assist you throughout the whole process.

Meet the creator

Artur “Bishop” Lutyński - game designer, creator and host of UMIE W GRY podcast, founder of a TTS playtesting group, organizer of LABORATORIUM GIER, member of PAMPER testing group, active RPG player with over 25 years of experience. Also, a drummer and owner of a recording studio.