Trailer videos and animation
Gaming and video production are both our passion, and they perfectly complement each other! A trailer video is the best way to show the components of your game and present the story behind it. Since 2015, we’ve created over 30 trailers for successful board game crowdfunding campaigns, by big established publishers as well as independent first-time creators.

Since 2015, we’ve created hexy videos for publishers like:


3D modeling

Gamers love minis, don’t they? Our team of artists and 3D sculptors offers comprehensive services creating 3D models of miniatures for board games and miniature wargames. Coming from a wargaming background ourselves, we certainly know how to make a beautiful detailed miniature for you.

Resin model casting

You have a ready 3D model that you would only like to duplicate? Or maybe our team of sculptors have just designed one for you? We will manufacture it from highest quality resin, in any desired number of copies. In this case, size doesn’t matter.

Graphic design

You need a logo, layout, cover image or full graphic design for your product? No problem! Our talented artists and graphic designers will prepare a unique creation that will certainly meet all your expectations!