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Gamers love minis, don't they? So do we, and we are really good at making them! Our team of artists and 3D sculptors offers comprehensive services creating 3D models of miniatures for board games and miniature wargames. While we enjoy working on the design part a lot, production of physical copies is also our thing! If you have a ready 3D model you would like to duplicate, or our team of sculptors have just designed one for you, we will manufacture it from highest quality resin.

Our Designs

For years now, our talented team of 3D artists has been working on miniature design for the best publishers in the board game industry. Our sculpts can be found in numerous market bestsellers released both by our partners, such as Alderac, Artipia Games, Board&Dice or Phalanx, and Hexy Studio itself.

Star Scrappers: Battledrill


Hard City Characters

Hard City Mutants

Hannibal & Hamilcar

Hannibal & Hamilcar

Everyday Adventure

Bitspudlo Demons

Star Scrappers Universe

Nanty Narking

Star Scrappers: Cave-in


Understanding the process...

Our production team will guide you through the whole process, starting from the concept art and preparing a digital model based on it, through 3D print of the master model, up to the final production and delivery. We provide advice, make suggestions, introduce corrections if necessary, and we are always happy to help our clients!

Concept art

Concept art is the first thing you need to start working on a miniature design. You can provide the image or our artists can make one for you. Such a sketch serves as an inspiration for the sculptor and becomes the basis for the looks of the model.

3D modeling

The essential part of the miniature design process is making a digital sculpt, based on the concept art. We use different software for different types of miniatures, and we can provide the final 3D file in a anumber of different formats.


Throughout the whole sculpting process, you are updated about the progress and presented with preview images. And beautiful renders of the final version will constitute a valuable promotional asset for your game in the future.

Resin prototype

The last step in miniature creation is the prototype. Sometimes you just need a digital 3D file, but it is always good to see the final result with your own eyes. We can make a sample copy for you to check if your model looks in reality just as good as on the screen!

Measuring & quoting

The actual miniature production process begins with a digital 3D model. What we need first is the file, the information about the desired size of the physical miniature, and the requested number of copies. Based on this, we provide a production quote for you.

3D printing

Before casting in resin, we use a 3D printer to create a prototype master model which will be a basis for the mold. 3D printing lets us keep a very high level of detail for the mass production. This method may also be used for smaller print runs as final.

Mass production

Miniatures designed by our team of sculptors are also fit for casting in plastic, but we specialize in resin, manufacturing models from this material in-house. Our technology ensures the best quality and the highest possible level of detail, regardless of the print run, mini size, color, etc.

Quality check

Every print run, no matter if it's tens, hundreds, or thousands of minis, requires a quality check after production to make sure we're providing the client with a premium product, free from any flaws. To ensure that, we always check every single model manufactured. Yes, individually, by hand.


Busts and totems

Exclusive tokens

Premium services

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...but before you do it, make sure you prepare the following information:

  • Concept arts or references - images / drawings
  • Quantity - number of miniatures to sculpt
  • Scale - Height of each model
  • Deadline - When do you need your models?
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