Metal Casting

Components made of metal are becoming more and more popular in board games. Do you need custom metal coins or special dice to include as a premium component upgrade in your crowdfunding campaign? Are you planning a limited edition print with metal miniatures? Or maybe you want to manufacture just a few copies of a big, heavy statuette as a gift for your business partner? We can provide all this, and much more!


Concept art is the first thing you need to start working on the design of a metal piece. You can provide the image or our artists can make one for you. The sketch serves as an inspiration for the sculptor and becomes the basis for the model.

3D model

The essential part of the design process is making a digital sculpt, based on the concept art. We use different software for different types of miniatures, and we can provide the final 3D file in a number of different formats.

Metal casting

We work with the best specialists in making metal casts out there. We have the access to different materials and technologies to make your metal pieces (be it custom coins, dice, gaming miniatures or statuettes) look amazing.

Final component

Every production run requires a quality check to make sure we're providing the client with a premium product, free from any flaws. To ensure that, we always check every single model manufactured, and we ship you a 100% final product.

Let’s see what we can do with your idea!

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