Tkacze Burz (Storm Weavers)

A single-player gamebook

Tkacze Burz is a unique mix of a traditional gamebook with an element of tactical combat taking place on the board. It’s a perfect choice for fans of mythology and fantasy literature, who most of all value the story and atmosphere, but also appreciate simple and dynamic combat mechanics. It’s a book, and it’s for one player only, so you can enjoy it wherever and whenever you want!

Publisher: Other Worlds Games
Graphic design & crowdfunding support: Hexy Studio

Designed by: Paweł Dziemski
Illustrated by: Przemysław Gul

Story and tactics

Tkacze Burz is a single-player gamebook in which you decide what is going to happen. Each of over 200 paragraphs eventually sends you to another one, marked with a different number. Often several options are available to choose from, and the story unfolds depending on your decision. Sometimes you will encounter bloodthirsty enemies on your path - then a confrontation will start, and you will use a board, miniatures and dice to determine its outcome.


Gamebooks, or Choose Your Own Adventure games, were very popular in the 1990s. Nowadays they are back, but in a fresh, modern form, often enhanced with elements known from other types of tabletop games. Tkacze Burz is an example of this trend - it’s an interactive book in which you decide what will happen next, but describing the hero by means of attributes marked on the character sheet is taken from RPGs, and encounters with enemies are played in a way similar to boardgames and miniature games.

Rich fantasy universe

The world of Tkacze Burz is a land which every fan of fantasy and mythology will find familiar. It contains elements known from Nordic and Celtic myths, as well as from the classics of literature, from Beowulf to The Lord of the Rings. It’s an alternative vision of our own world, where old gods are still worshiped, magic is alive, and forest trails are roamed by trolls, orcs and other, far more ancient creatures.


Publishing this original game wouldn’t have been possible without crowdfunding, first in Poland on platform, then worldwide on Kickstarter. Thanks to an amazing engagement of fans, the project was 2500% funded during the first campaign, and got numerous language versions afterwards!