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A game of pretense and deceit

Slyville is a game for 3-5 players in which managing your resources matters just as much as your bluffing skills and the ability to figure out the opponents’ strategy. Try to predict what goods your adversaries might need, and do your best to upset their plans!

Designed by: Dominika Gerasimiak, Justyna Leszczyńska, Marek Daniluk, Mateusz Romach
Artwork by: Tomasz Larek, Przemysław Gul

For the whole family

Humor and simple, very intuitive rules place Slyville near the family game category, but a lot of negative interaction, bluffing, negotiations and nastiness will also keep the fans of Munchkin and Sheriff of Nottingham satisfied.

In a maze of districts...

The eponymous city consists of five districts presented on colorful, richly illustrated segments of a modular board. Thanks to their random setup and special individual skills of each guild no game of Slyville will be the same as the previous one.

Become the Prince’s Favorite!

Become the leader of one of Slyville’s five guilds, do shady business in the districts and fight for the Prince’s favor! Every round, a different player becomes the Prince’s Favorite and gets the right to decide about ties. But nobody in this city is incorruptible...

Slyville: Jester’s Gambit

Welcome back to Slyville!

Designed by: Marek Raczyński
Artwork: Przemysław Gul, Michał Sztuka

The Jester’s Gambit expansion provides you with secret goals, unexpected events, and more scheming than ever before!

Players’ secret goals

Jester’s Gambit expansion introduces a new type of cards: Hidden Agendas that will spice up the struggle of the guild leaders in the slyest of all medieval cities! Select your secret goals to pursue throughout the game and get more points at the end of the game! Experience most unusual events presented in The Book of Slyville Chronicles. But be careful, as some of them can really turn everything upside down! Pirates looting the city, a fire in the library, or an audience with the Prince himself - read out a paragraph from the Chronicles and see what happens.

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