Slay the Dragon! - RPG

Dangerous adventures in a fantastic world

“Slay the Dragon!” is an old-school RPG whose atmosphere will take you back to the exciting years when role-playing games were still in their infancy. You will play the roles of adventurers who, in search of glory and riches, are ready to take on the most difficult quests and set off to the most dangerous corners of the world. Many of them will not survive, but those who do will gain the power to change the fate of the world!
In the box you will find everything you need to spark your imagination and play an RPG session in the world of “Slay the Dragon!”. It contains not only rulebooks, but also dice, tokens, player aids and the "King, Dragon and the Magic Sword" campaign with a map of the kingdom of Fahrun.

Author: Wojciech Rosiński
Illustrations: Adrianna Wiśniewska

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