Instant Encounters 5E

Ready to print and play 5E encounters including detailed descriptions, story hooks, rules, pawns, battle maps and pre-supported 3D monsters.

Thanks to this 5E module, you will run epic battles which your players will remember for a long time. Detailed descriptions and scalable challenge rating will allow you to customize the encounters and adjust them to your players’ experience and their characters’ levels. Every monster used in our encounters is represented by a colorful pawn and a 3D miniature. They can be printed at home in any number needed for a specific difficulty level. Large maps will bring your battlefields to life, and handy stat cards will let you avoid searching the bestiary during the session.

Comprehensive solution

Instant Encounters includes detailes descriptions, adventure hooks, and custom rules in various enviroments. Each encounter can be easily used in your hombrew 5E campaign thanks to its scalable structure.

Encounter Demo

Here you can download a sample of Instant Encounters which includes a description with rules for low and medium level variants, pawns, stats cards and a battle map.

3D Monster Miniatures

To see your players’ reaction when you put a 7” tall dragon on the battlefield is something that never gets boring. 3D printed miniatures of classic monsters will bring your game to the next level of immersion!

Game Master Aid

Instant Encounters provides everything you need to prepare an epic battle, including scalable rules, pawns, handy cards with stats, and detailed miniatures. Each of these are prepared for convenient home printing - A3, A4, Tabloid, Letter formatted PDF files and pre-supported STL models.

Instant Encounters is the first batch of materials we prepared for tabletop RPG players and Game Masters. Our plan for the near future is to present you with new adventures, spells, magic items, pawns, terrain pieces and of course new miniatures. We want to provide you with useful “building blocks” that can be easily implemented in your own campaigns. As players and GMs with years of experience, we know the problems both beginners and experienced gamers face, and we want to offer a solution for both groups. Using Everyday Adventure will let you focus on the most interesting aspects of your campaign.

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