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Star Scrappers: Cave-in

The journey began here

Star Scrappers: Cave-in is the first in the series of tabletop games set in the Star Scrappers universe - a colorful space western world of distant future created by Hexy Studio team in cooperation with the best game designers.

Designed by: Filip Miłuński, Jan Zalewski, Artwork by: Mateusz Stanisławski, Łukasz Witusiński

Wealth and glory await you!

Distant future in a distant galaxy. Become a leader of one of six factions, earn the name of the most powerful mining baron, mine the mysterious Hexis crystals, recruit mercenaries, use ancient artifacts, achieve wealth and fame!

Unique discard building mechanism

Do you know and love deck building games? Get to know an innovative game in which the most important element is… your discard pile! Place cards there in a wise and thoughtful way to use the best of their skills. And don’t let your opponents raid you!

For beginners and advanced players

Simple rules offering deep decisions make Cave-in a perfect game for both beginners and experienced gamers. Intriguing mechanics and stunning artwork will satisfy even the most demanding players.

Rich s-f universe

Star Scrappers is an original space western setting, created and developed by Hexy Studio. Take part in a struggle between six alien races, make use of amazing technology and achieve eternal glory in the world of cosmic gold rush!

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