Designed by: Dominika Gerasimiak, Justyna Leszczyńska, Marek Daniluk, Mateusz Romach Artwork by: Tomasz Larek, Przemysław Gul A game of pretense and deceit Slyville is a game for 3-5 players in which managing your resources matters just as much as your bluffing skills and the ability to figure out the opponents’ strategy. Try to predict what […]



Designed by: Filip Miłuński, Jan Zalewski Artwork by: Mateusz Stanisławski, Łukasz Witusiński Wealth and glory await you! Distant future in a distant galaxy. Become a leader of one of six factions, earn the name of the most powerful mining baron, mine the mysterious Hexis crystals, recruit mercenaries, use ancient artifacts, achieve wealth and fame! Unique […]