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Brassheart is a Point and Click adventure game set in the alternative 1920s, inspired by the dieselpunk aesthetics and the classics of the genre.

In the world of Brassheart, you play as Pola Zagórska, a smart and chipper aeroplane pilot. She follows the clues that may provide a way to save her father kidnapped by his own invention, a rebellious supermachine, Valkiria. This powerful difference engine gathered loyal army and relentlessly pursues the goal of mechanizing and militarizing the whole world. It is governed by cold calculation, and all those who oppose it will be in danger. One of such people was Prof. Zagórski, the co-creator of the machine. Before the kidnapping, however, he managed to give his daughter a clue about defeating the Valkiria. The key to stopping the machine's domination may be a mysterious invention called ‘Brassheart' that affects her will.

Pola has to set off on a journey and find parts of the mechanical heart scattered all over the world, for they are her only chance to stop the sinister machine, end the era of mechanical terror and save her father.


When we started working on Brassheart our goal was to tell a story that was broad in its scope, but at the same time intrinsically personal. This is how Pola became our protagonist; a person who, in her quest against an immeasurable power of Valkiria, is motivated by the close relationship with friends and family.

But for this dynamic to work, we’ve also had to put her in an interesting and living world. The global turmoil and technological revolution of the early 20th century fit perfectly and allowed us to create an alternative reality of fantastical inventions and colorful characters.

Our hope was also to inspire imagination and creative-problem solving through the use of cartoonish, colorful art-style reminiscent of the classics in the point-and-click genre, while keeping our puzzles grounded in commonsensical logic.

We believe that by following these principles throughout the development, we’ve created an adventure experience that will be appreciated by both enthusiasts of the genre and newcomers.


  • DISCOVER THE WORLD OF BRASSHEART — Admire many meticulously designed 2D locations and a unique graphic style inspired by dieselpunk and cartoons.
  • ENJOY DIESELPUNK SETTING — Welcome in the alternative reality of 1920s, the age of global turmoil and brilliant technologies born out of science and creativity.
  • EXPERIENCE CAPTIVATING STORY — Follow Pola’s steps in her quest against the immeasurable power of Valkiria and unearth her father’s enigmatic inventions.
  • MEET THE COLORFUL CHARACTERS — On your way you will meet a lot of interesting figures: barons and countesses entangled in high-society intrigues, spies, criminals, adventurers and inventors.
  • SOLVE THE PUZZLES WITH PASCAL — Fix mechanisms, solve puzzles and come up with creative solutions to head-scratching problems. Your companion on the journey, automaton Pascal is ready to offer you helpful hints at any time!





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Awards & Recognition

  • "Brassheart: Indie Showcase Finalist" Digital Dragons, 2019

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About Hexy Studio

Hexy Studio is an independent games studio, founded in 2015 in Warsaw, Poland. In the beginning, we were focused on promoting board games created by other companies and participated in more than 15 crowdfunding campaigns as a studio behind the trailers' creation. Hexy Studio also released two boardgame titles independently: StarScrappers: Cave-in and Hard City, both of which received warm welcome from the players. Following the board game successes, we decided to extend activities to the area of video games. We are currently working on our debut title, Brassheart.

More information
More information on Hexy Studio, our logo & relevant media are available here.

Brassheart Credits

Tomasz Bar
Studio Owner, Creative Director

Miłosz Szczygielski

Norbert Pokorski
Programmer, Designer

Piotr Płomiński
Designer, Writer

Katarzyna Haptaś
2D Animator

Michał Sztuka
2D Artist

Maciej Kołakowski
Sound Designer

Mateusz Orman-Janowski
Marketing Manager

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